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Anaesthetic Fee Schedule

Our fee calculator is designed to enable you to obtain an estimate of your anaesthetic fees. You will need to obtain the OPCS code (or codes) from your surgeon’s secretary. Enter the code in the box indicated and it will provide the name of the procedure and the GAS fee. It is important to note that the code(s) may sometimes change on the day of surgery; but your anaesthetic fee will always reflect the code(s) provided by your surgeon.

Anaesthetic Fees and Reimbursements

anaesthetic fee calculatorGloucestershire Anaesthetic Services is a registered company which sets its own fees for anaesthetic procedures. We bill our patients according to the Voluntary Code of Practice for Billing Private Patients published by The Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain & Ireland.

Some private medical insurance companies publish a similar schedule which determines the level of reimbursement offered to their customers for any given anaesthetic procedure. The companies do not determine the anaesthetic fee itself.

Sometimes more than one surgical procedure is involved, in which case your surgeon will give you two or more OPCS codes. We bill for these according to insurers’ guidelines: the primary code (the code carrying the highest fee) at the full fee, the secondary code at an additional 50% of the fee for that code, and any subsequent supplementary codes at 25% of those fees.

The majority of private medical insurance companies cover our fees, but you are advised to check whether this is the case in advance. There can be differences between different insurers and also between different policies offered by the same insurer. In the event that your insurer does not cover the full fee, you will be required to pay the difference, or "shortfall".

If you have been given multiple OPCS codes, you are recommended to contact the GAS office for a detailed quote.

Anaesthetic Fee Calculator

You can enter your OPCS code here to find the anaesthetic fee.

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While this schedule aims to give you an accurate estimate of your anaesthetic fees, you are recommended to contact the GAS Office for confirmation.