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CaduceusThis website is designed to offer all the information you need about the anaesthetic procedures and the doctors who will be looking after you. Select from the menu options above for more information.

Our Anaesthetics Consultants

Dr Sam Andrews

Dr Sarah Bakewell

Dr Owen Bodycombe

Dr Mike Copp

Dr Ian Crabb

Dr Alex d'Agapeyeff

Dr Warren Doherty

Dr Paul Downie

Dr Mark Eveleigh

Dr Andrew Foo

Dr Jon Francis

Dr Mark Haslam

Dr Trevor Johnson

Dr Sunny Karadia

Dr Neil Kellie

Dr Jonathan Lightfoot

Dr Yvonne Marney

Dr Caleb McKinstry

Dr Mike McSwiney

Dr Sarah Muddle

Dr Henry Murdoch

Dr Matt Oram

Dr Rob Orme

Dr Marcin Pachucki

Dr Mahesh Parmar

Dr Tom Perris

Dr Bill Rea

Dr Mandy Rees

Dr Ted Rees

Dr Charles Rodriguez

Dr Louise Sellar

Dr Judith Stedeford

Dr Steve Twigg

Dr Leon Visser

Dr Carolyn Warr

Dr Simon Webster

Dr Jon Williams